Apr 17, 2008


Yesterday, Ash had a minor accident in school.

He was pushed by a fellow classmate onto the floor during class. So he landed on his bum, while the back of his neck unfortunately hit a chair behind him. He cried unsurprisingly, but was quickly pacified when the teacher picked him up and consoled him.

There was no swelling or bruise; so at least that's a relief. After some 'grilling', bits of information that we got from Ash were - apparently Ash had taken a book to read, and this fellow classmate snatched it from him. So naturally Ash did what all kids would do - try to snatch it back. But he got a push instead.

Oh well, kids being kids, we think it's pretty inevitable that such things happen. At least we can be quite certain that when it is time for Ayden to go school, he'll most likely to be the aggressor instead! Hahaha... :P

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