Apr 21, 2008

Taipei Day 2

A brand new day in Taipei and today we were off to a place di-di & I love!

THE Zippity ZOO!

Yay! And the admission price was very cheap lor... FREE for the both of us, while it's only about S$2.80 per adult! Wah say... chicken rice in food court also cannot buy lah. No wonder Daddy & Mummy wanted to bring us there. Hahaha...

For the price, there sure were a lot of animals to see in the zoo; like elephants, lions, giraffes, penguins, monkeys, horses... the usual suspects lah...

I was going crazy just to decide on which animal to visit first...

But in the end, di-di & me stopped at this big area full of pebbles... to throw pebbles. -_-

Hee hee hee... but it was fun mah.

Okay okay, back to the main objective... so we saw loads of monkeys...

and birds...

and a frozen puppy with a kitten scared really stiff by the puppy. :P

Which is good also lah... 'cos di-di can pat the kitty.

While I can bear hug the puppy.

And then another frozen doggy had to bear the brunt of my weight. But heng not Daddy sit lor. Heh.

Then we proceeded to visit many other animals as it was approaching lunch time liao.

There was even a small rice paddy field where we could pump water to see how the fields were irrigated. Wah, cheem. Daddy teach me to say wan.

Oh, soon I was ready to eat!

Think di-di was too lah, seeing his chao bin face. :P Expression look a bit like the turtle face hor? Hahaha...

After makan, we ran ourselves silly in the open spaces while Daddy & Mummy took their turns to eat too.

Then, as we were walking to the some more animals' enclosures, di-di fell asleep while I was feeling drowsy too. And so, I took a one last photo with a stone-faced hippo before I too drifted off to koon.

As we were all making our way out, Daddy & Mummy were thinking off whether to go back to the hotel since both of us were asleep. The original plan was to go to the Zoo Mall beside the zoo for more fun. In the end, they decided to just go the mall to take a look...

Whcih turned out to be a fantastic choice 'cos once we reached the place, I awoke immediately to the sound of the arcade there! HAHAHAHA... My ears too tok kong lah. So of course I played a 'few' games there. Hee.

Erm, plus a giraffe ride too. And all these while, di-di was still fast asleep.

Then, we discovered an indoor amusement park beside the mall! And no prizes for guessing if we entered it.

There were so so so many rides there!!! 3 WHOLE FLOORS of rides in fact. Just have to pay an admission fee and can sit all the rides already. Oooh, happiness!

Got ferris wheel, spaceship rides, helicopter rides, a bus ride that goes round and round vertically, merry-go-round... OH, and also a roller coaster ride. Which I went on it!!! YEPP, my very first roller coaster ride. But of course got Daddy accompany me lah, Mummy too scared. Heh.

There was also this big play area, with slides, balls and other stuff that most kids should know and enjoy playing with lah.

So of course di-di & me tried that out too.

And what do you know, it was evening liao... which means time to head back to the hotel to clean up and rest.

We didn't venture out again that night though, 'cos both of us needed to recharge for the next day! :P

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Anonymous said...

Hi, looked like real fun.
May I know what mall was this?

Cheekiemonkies said...


Sorry but we forgot the name of the mall. But it is just beside the Taipei Zoo.

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