Apr 22, 2008

Taiwan Day 3

Third day in Taipei and we awoke to pouring rain!

Luckily, our first stop of the day was pretty near our hotel - Longshan Temple. So armed with umbrellas & raincoat (only for me lah), we made our way down after our yummy breakfast.

Actually I was quite thrilled to be walking in the rain... 'cos I loved wearing my Thomas the Train raincoat AND carrying the umbrella while sitting in my stroller. Yah, I kiasu can. Haha...

Then soon after we reached the temple and toured the surroundings, it stopped raining!

Wah, di-di & me were so happy... 'cos this meant there were lots and lots and lots of puddles for us to jump into. :P

So since we were in such a happy mood, Daddy & Mummy let us roam for a while outside the temple grounds.

And hor, di-di was in fine form lor... perfect for photos. Heh.

Then after, we made our way to a bigbigbig departmental store known as Eslite. This one houses 4 whole floors of books! But di-di & me were not interested in the first three floors lah... We were eyeing on the 4th one instead, 'cos that is the one ALL for kids!

There were loads of children books, educational toys, learning tools, clothes... you name it, they have it. All on sale there. BUT that too was not the stuff that we were beo-ing. It was this...

It's the Children's Musuem of Taipei. This place very cool you know; it has different zones and all the exhibits feature five themes: science, art, nature, culture, and toddlers' explore. All also can touch, all also can play. So it's very interactive; expecially for di-di 'cos he's now in his itchy fingers stage lah. :P

First up, the construction zone... where I had the chance to sit on a real excavator!

There were also various other construction-related stuff to play with, but di-di's fave has got to be the the different ramps with varying gradients 'cos we get to roll so many balls down the ramps. Hahaha...

And MY fave was this supermarket set-up!

It comes complete with a mini-supermarket layout, with different items for you to put into your shopping basket. Then you bring it to the cashier counter where, ME your friendly cashier, will scan your items and check you out.

Then, once I've totalled your final bill, you can make your payment.

And it comes complete with cashier and receipt sounds. Yup, it's THAT real. I love it!

Then it was time to move on to the dress-up area, where I wanted to be a fireman! Can spray water mah... whoosh!

Di-di on the other hand wandered to hone his dancing skills at the Light zone.

After trying out a motorcycle...

We met up at the mini-playground area, where having a go at the slide is a no brainer.

Next, we proceeded to the cheekiemonkies' corner cafe!

Hahaha... it's yet another different set-up, where we can pretend to own a cafe and serve customers.

So I made Daddy order a muffin and a coffee. Hee hee...

Bubble time was next, and we had lots of fun creating gigantic bubbles and getting all soapy. :P

But it was nothing compared to getting all colourful (and dirty) when we came to this giant glass wall for painting!

Lucky got the aprons for us to wear whole we paint... if not, we would have to go back to our hotel naked. Heh.

There is also a dentist chair for all dentist wannabes, but I chose to learn the correct way to brush my teeth. Hahaha...

While di-di was still in his drawing phase...

I tried my hand at news broadcasting.

Can make it or not? Haha.. Di-di then joined in too.

Followed by Mummy.

Then Daddy too!

There is also a stage there; with lots of costumes and wigs backstage to play and dress up with...

So of course we tried lah! :P

Think we must have spent the whole afternoon there, 'cos it was just sooo fun! We didn't even want to leave but too bad both of us felt too sleepy. Drats.

So headed back to the hotel for some rest we did. And we were raring to go again in the night - this time to Ximending for some shopping. For Mummy's benefit of course.

Although I had a yummy big sausage too. :P

Di-di fell asleep while shopping though, so we also headed back to our beds to prepare for the next day's long excursion!

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