Apr 30, 2008

Taiwan Day 4

Today was our last day in Taipei before we depart for Hualien tomorrow, and today was also the most siong day in our travel itinerary. It was a long excursion to the northern parts of Taipei but luckily, we hired a very good and friendly cabby, Mr. Meeky Yang, to take us around for the whole day. No, not the one from Disneyland hor.

First stop was at Jiufen; a quaint little town that has lots of old traditional shops selling many different types of Taiwanese local snacks. Also, since it is seated atop of a hill, the scenery there is truly breathtaking as well.

Well... since it's on a hill, the wind there is pretty chilling too. Heng I was super duper prepared!

Think Daddy & kor-kor were in high spirits too.

Much like this funny looking person.

But the sausages he was bbq-ing were really yummy! Or was it because I was hungry already? Hee hee...

Anyway, there were so many shops selling various Taiwaneese snacks and produce that we were stopping at many them just to sample sample... hahaha... like that Daddy & Mummy can save on lunch liao. :P

Soon, we reached near the top of the town and soaked in the view.

It sure was very windy up there. Now, if only we had bubbles to blow as well... that would be perfect!

Oh, what do you know... kor-kor & I had bubbles with us! Hahaha... No wonder he was holding onto his bubbles bottle so tightly, while waiting for Daddy to finish with his photo-taking. Heh.

Bubbles time! Kor-kor blow, I burst. Hee hee...

But kor-kor was also very helpful; he helped me dipped the stick into the solution and held it up for me to blow.

And I did manage to blow ONE bubble! kekekekeke...

Well, it was time to eat lunch after that. So we settled into this nice little teahouse to refuel.

As if it wasn't already cold enough, Daddy & Mummy chose to sit outside to have our meal since the view was magnificent. But think kor-kor enjoyed it too lah... erm, possibly 'cos the wind helped cooled his food faster? Hahaha...

It was back to some more walking after lunch... and both of us each had a malt candy for dessert. :P

Next, we went to Jinguashi, an area which was a goldmine last time.

We had lots of space to run there, so obviously kor-kor & I loved it there too.

Next stop was at Danshui where it was an old port but is now a popular location for sunset viewing. We stopped by at the Fisherman's Wharf first to take a walk over the Lover's Bridge.

Although it was in the late afternoon, the sun was still shining brightly. Perfect excuse to whip out our sunglasses.

I look cool or not? Heh.

Both of us then started to pose like models in front of the bridge.

Not bad huh?

We slowly made our way up the bridge via the many flights of steps, with Daddy happily snapping away...

We were fortunate enough to catch some firecrackers going off near the bridge due to some ceremony that was going on. It was so loud lor... kor-kor & I had to cup our ears but not that we are complaining.

After crossing the bridge, we walked along the seacoast boardwalk and stopped along the way to have a pinic of bread and milk. :P

Then we made our way to the Danshui Old Street where they had many restuarants, arcades and shops selling handicrafts and snacks.

You know those machines in arcades where you can catch a soft toy using a metal claw? I tell you, those in Singapore must be bluff people wan... 'cos Daddy, who has absolutely zero experience in playing these machines, managed to pick up THREE soft toys in 6 tries. Not bad lah... Hahaha. Daddy said it seemed easier to to pick up the toys in those machines. And Danshui really has loads of these kind of arcade shops.

Kor-kor also tried his hand at some ball-rolling game to score points... and he won something!

We played, ate, walked, bought... and soon we were all tired by dinner time liao.

So Uncle Meeky sent us back to our hotel; must pack all our barang barang to check out tomorrow!

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