May 2, 2008

Taiwan Day 5

Today early morning, we checked out of our Taipei hotel and zipped down to the train station to catch the train to Hualien. Of course di-di & me were so excited!!!

Normally it's a 3 hour ride to the Hualien Train Station, but we took the 2 hour Taroko line train instead, 'cos Daddy & Mummy must be afraid that we would not be able to sit still on the train.

Well, their worries were unfounded lor. I slept like a log throughout the entire ride. Ditto for di-di.

So Daddy & Mummy had a quiet time to themselves, admiring the scenic train ride as it passed by the high mountains and deep valleys.

Sleeping really makes the time go sooo much faster 'cos before I knew it, we had reached our minsu. We stayed in Hualien for 4 nights, with the nights evenly split between this minsu and a farmstay in another resort.

A minsu in Taiwan is like a Bed & Breakfast kind of inn and this particular one that we stayed in is Sea-Hi B&B, which ranked as my FAVOURITE stay in the whole Taiwan trip. Think it also ranked as the top stay for Daddy & Mummy too!

Sea-Hi B&B is beach guesthouse facing the Pacific Ocean. Think the Jap Drama 'Beach Boys', and you can sort of have a sense of the shiok beach feel that we had when staying here.

Well, the REAL reason why this minsu was my most fave stay is because of this...

AH FU the beagle...

...& DA MAO the long-haired beagle!

But I couldn't get the chance to really play with them yet 'cos we had to check in first. And woah, our room was solid lah! This was the view from our balcony, where I can hear the big waves crashing onto the coast all day.

Ooh, do I spy a playground down in the garden? Yippee, confirm can go play slide later liao. Hee hee...

But first, di-di & I had to test out the bed.

And since it was a double storey guestroom, there was another bed upstairs. Which I declared immediately that I would be sleeping on the bed upstairs. :P

We had tabao-ed our lunch back to our room to eat first, thanks to the lady boss' daughter who brought us to the eateries with the nicest food in Hualien city.

See the bao in the foreground? That bao was so yummilicious! The dough was soft & moist while the delicious meat inside was just bursting with juices. I finished 1 whole bao on top of my pork chop rice!

Then it was time to go downstairs to explore!

And of course to give an overdue hug to Ah Fu! :)

Di-di was raring to go on the slide though; and thoroughly enjoyed he did.

We spent the afternoon just strolling in the minsu's surroundings, with di-di & me particularly in high spirits running about in the vast green space.

Yup, basically it was all about nuah here with the seabreeze and the sounds of the waves serving as great companions.

In the evening, we made our way to Hualien city for some dinner and jalan-jalan. And here is the place where the best Hualien pork buns are sold! Of course Daddy bought some more back lah.

Di-di & I got new boots too! Think 'cos it was very cheap... but anyway, it means we can go jumping in puddles now without getting our feet wet.

Then it was back to the room for some early rest to prepare for the next day.

Well, think di-di had other ideas 'cos he kept playing on the wooden swing in the room. Hahaha...

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