May 3, 2008

Taiwan Day 6

First thing on my mind in the morning on Day 6 when I woke up was to find Ah Fu to say zao an to him!

The good thing about this trip was that I have picked up a fair bit of Mandarin, so at least now I not eat potato wan. Hee hee...

Initially, I pronouced Ah Fu's name as 'Awful' you know. HAHAHA... make Daddy & Mummy laugh until siao. But of course I can say it better now lah. Also, as Ah Fu only understands commands in Mandarin, I have learnt how to say 'zuo xia' to make him sit down, and also 'lai' to make him come to me. Not bad eh?

And so after we made our way down, Ah Fu came running towards to greet me, while I gave him a pat on the head.

I didn't even want to sit down to have my breakfast 'cos got obvious distraction mah...

So Daddy & Mummy enjoyed their nice outdoor brekkie while di-di & me kept Ah Fu company.

Di-di also didn't want any breakfast... he just followed me around while I in turn followed Ah Fu around. Hahaha...

After breakfast, it was off to the Hualien Ocean Park for a day of fun! YIPPEE! The lady boss' daughter gave us a lift to the Park which was about 3 minutes drive away from our minsu.

Daddy told me there were dolphins, sharks, sealions and many other sea animals to see... so I couldn't wait! But first, I insisted to sit in the cable car the moment I saw it.

The cable car brought us up all the way to the top of the park where the wind was really chilly I must say. See Daddy wear his sweater can know how cold already lor... If he too needed to insulate, it must have been real darn cold. Heh.

There were different 'lands' to go to and each one had its own set of rides. Which we gamely tried!

Daddy brought di-di up onto the merry-go-round next but I didn't want to follow... Aiyah, go round and round only; where got kicks? Hahaha... yah, I was still missing my roller coaster ride that I sat 4 days ago. :P

After the rides, di-di & me soon drifted off to sleep. So Daddy & Mummy took the chance to have a peaceful lunch of piping hot beef noodles. Hmph!

We woke up just in time to catch a brief glimpse of the dolphins show and after that, I complained that I was feeling hungry already!

So after kissing the cute pink dolphin, it was di-di's & my turn to eat the yummy beef noodles. Slurp!

Then, we were off to feed the dolphins!

Shasha the dolphin is very clever you know; when I wave my finger, she'll start to sing! I had a fun time acting as a conductor while she sang her heart out. :P

She even stole a kiss when I was saying goodbye to her!

Next up were the sealions where I too got to feed them fishes.

This time, it was di-di who kena kissed by the sealion. Hee hee...

Last stop of the day was at this huge underwater aquarium, pretty much like the one at Sentosa but bigger.

Think di-di is much more knowing now as he liked to stand close to the glass panels of the aquariums and stare at the fishes that swam by. Then he'll turn himself in circles as if to mimic the motion of the fishes. Hahaha... he so cute lah.

We got a ride back to our minsu again and spent the rest of the late afternoon nuah-ing in our room.

For dinner, we walked to a nearby seafood restaurant where the food was supposed to be very very good. We ordered lobster soup, prawns, fried clams, steamed lobster (again!), fried rice, beancurd and vegetables. A LOT HOR! But we still finished everything. Hee hee... And the bill? About S$ 45!

Wah say, as Daddy would say. So cheap... and the seafood were all very fresh as they rear them just behind the restaurant by the sea. So we went back to our beds feeling completely absolutely satisfied (and full) and prepared to check out the next day.

I'll miss Ah Fu.

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one of us said...

wow! i've missed out on so much coz i havent been visiting!

ur taiwan photos make me wanna go on holiday sooooooooooooonnnnnnnn....

cant wait to read more abt it!


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