May 5, 2008

Taiwan Day 7

It was with sadness on the morning of Day Seven that I reluctantly woke up, knowing too well it was time to bid Ah Fu & Da Mao farewell as we would need to make our way to our next destination.

Daddy, di-di & me lingered on the balcony watching the waves as Mummy was still lazing under her warm comforter in her comfy bed.

After we packed up and changed, we went down to have our breakfast. And for some reason, di-di was dressed rather smartly that day don't you think? Heh.

Ah Fu came running to us, as we said goodbye to him...

At that point, Daddy could see that my eyes were turning red and my face was rather sad... poor thing hor? But no crying or wailing or pulling Ah Fu's tail and refusing to let go or any of that sort lah... hahaha...I just took a quiet moment with him to pat him somemore.

Am I being overly sensitive or was Ah Fu looking sad too? :P

Luckily, the next stop of stay was equally as fun as we were going to stay in a FARM! The lady boss of the B&B kindly drove us there and the journey took about 30 minutes. When we reached the Shin Kong Chao Feng Farm Resort, I kept on going about wanting to go feed the animals... but it was still a bit early to check-in. Luckily we were given the tickets to enter the farm area first, so off to the playground first to while away the time!

The playground consisted of so many different type of slides, climbing ladders, and even a mini flying fox for kids.

Di-di also had his fair share of fun by...erm, squeezing himself through the play structures... :P Oh well, whatever makes him happy. Hahaha...

There were just so many things to play with there, that I forgot to ask Daddy when our room will be ready. Hee...

Di-di then attempted to catch a butterfly but think he got no luck lah...

While Mummy pointed out a millipede on the grass and I spent the next 5 minutes just looking at the little one go about his own business... and di-di was still trying to catch his butterfly.

Next, we scurried over to the big fields across the playground where they had life-sized horse statues for us kids to erm, horse around with.

Look, they even had a whole family of goats too!

Di-di was very happy that he could find a small goat for him to ride on. He just kept on rocking on the baby goat and moving up and down on its back. Poor goat.

Funny faces yet again for the camera when Daddy asked me to smile. Hee hee...

Next, I spied a lot of pigeons gathering at a grass field near us and so, I ran towards them as fast as I could 'cos I want to feed them mah.

I think next time must have 2 packets of bird feed liao, 'cos di-di's getting smarter already... he always wants to snatch the packet from me!

So in the end, Mummy had to be the one who rations the feed. Heh.

Finally, it was time to check in and once we dumped all our stuff in the room, we were out again to go to the big farm!

The farm is a really gigantic one! It comprises a zoo with lots of animals, a petting zoo area where you can feed and touch the animals, a swimming pool, hotspring, spa, birdpark, playground, farm, ranch, fruit garden where you can just walk in to pluck the fruits off to eat, botanical garden, rose garden. So many things right???

In fact, the whole farm resort is quite nearly as big as Sentosa! Yep, it's so big that we would need to drive our own buggy to get around. That was SHIOK!

First we went for horse-riding!

Here in Singapore, we have to queue to sit a brown horse. But in the farm, I got to choose to sit on either a brown or white horse. Quite certainly, I chose the white one lah.

Then, we went feeding the cute rabbits, donkeys and ponies next...

Di-di also enjoyed feeding the animals but I think he really really enjoyed patting the baby goat though.

You know why? 'Cos he was constantly pushing the poor goat! Aiyoh, di-di was so rough with the baby goat... he just kept using both of his hands to push him and everytime he did that, he laughed.

No wonder Mummy said next time when di-di goes to school, she & Daddy might be kena called down to the school more often! Hahaha...

As for me, I just sayang the goat and even tried feeding it with some grass. Yah, I'm a SNAG.

Then we went off to the lotus ponds to feed the many many hungry kois...

And of course, di-di had a great time just running around in the vast space.

I also got to see many bees really up close, and even tasted the fresh honey too! It was so nice and sweet...

As the sun was setting, we made our way back to our room after packing our dinner along the way.

Our room very big hor? And this was a double room lor... and we had 4 single beds. Wahahaha... no need to squeeze beds with Daddy liao. Woohoo!

No wonder di-di and I slept so well... :P

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Anonymous said...


Came upon yr blog in SMH forum.

Can I know where is the farm in Taiwan? Is it near TPE?

We are planning to go TPE in Dec with 2 kids. This farm stay looks interesting and I think my kids will love it too.

Can email me _


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