May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Today's a very important day for all mummies and so, we checked into the Conrad hotel with Ma-ma, Ye-ye & Ku-jie yesterday for a one night stay.

Mention 'hotel' and this will definitely make me go crazy with anticipation. Hahaha... I just love staying in hotel rooms and I can safely say the same for di-di too! Hee.

Both of us seem to have boundless energy when we are in hotel rooms. Like when we were in Taiwan... whenever we were shopping outside, di-di & me would look so tired and sian, BUT once were back in our room, we were jumping on the bed and playing once again.

Oh, and of course the nice bathtub experience helped too. :P

So anyway, other than playing in the room... we were out for a yummy dinner, did some shopping around the area and topped the night off with kopi & oh-so-delicious warm chocolate cake.

That's di-di imagining himself to be travelling in a train by the way. Heh.

So it was a relaxing & short rest over the weekend... but but but I just want to know - how come the hotel's blanket ALWAYS feel so much comfy than the one at my home??? Hahaha...

Have a fantastic Mummy's Day everyone! :)

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