May 14, 2008

Outing with classmates

Last Friday was the day when I didn't need to go to school. YIPPEE!!!

Hee hee... no lah, I not bad boy... it was my class' 1st excursion and we were off to the Central Fire Station.

So of course I was very excited, 'cos Mummy tagged along for the outing too. I was just itching to introduce her to my friends! Hee hee...

Daddy joined us later at the fire station while Mummy & me watched a fireman uncle slide down from a very tall pole all the way to the ground. Looked very fun leh... wonder why they never let us kids go try try???

We went into the Station museum and this was where all my friends (me included) went clamouring to sit on the various fire engines on display. Hahaha...

I didn't get a chance to sit on the above fire engine 'cos there wasn't enough space to fit everybody on it. But I remember okay??? I asked Daddy later to put me up on THAT specific fire engine so that I could take a photo with me on it. :P

Some more fire engines to sit in...

And this time it was big enough for the parents to go inside with all the kids... erm, but Mummy only lah. kekeke...

Then we went upstairs to look at all the other civil defence related exhibits... And I was the most kiasu one lor... I ran ahead of the pack so that I could wear the fireman suit first. :P

After the outing, Daddy & Mummy brought me for some yummy Jap food which was a real treat! :)

Overall, it was quite a fun and educational excursion. Well, at least no need to study in class. Hahahaha... I had fun going out with my friends as well and hopefully, there'll be more to come!

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