May 20, 2008

My favourite family routine

One of the best-est activity that both di-di & me absolutely love is to head out to somewhere where there's the sea, sand (oh, and breeze too 'cos it's just too hot here these days yah? :P) and basically plonk ourselves down just to nuah the time away.

So being a long weekend, Daddy & Mummy brought us out to West Coast Park on Sunday for some morning fun (& sun).

And I was so incredibly excited that I even took along my soft toy, Brownie. Why ah? 'Cos Daddy brought along a tent!

First time I got a chance to go inside a tent leh... and di-di & me even helped Daddy to set it up! Hee hee... No wonder we looked so smug.

And since we were at it, Daddy & Mummy decided why not have a mini BBQ there too? Yippee, a picnic!

Since all of us just had our breakfast, we took the chance to walk by the coast first... erm, which was what di-di had been wanting to do ever since we reached. 'Cos he kept wandering off to near the sea coast to look at the waves.

Confirm di-di had a great time just running about... and screaming as he zoomed down the pathway...

... while I was just strolling behind, munching on my colourful M&M's. Heh.

I finally caught up with a vengence though...

And we spent some time watching other people fish which in turn I think made Daddy really hungry... so he decided to start the fire & cook our food. Which was not a lot actually.

We brought along some sausages, crabsticks, portobello mushrooms and that was about it. Hahaha... 'cos we were still going to have lunch mah. So just eat for fun only lah.

But I had such a great time dining in my tent and looking out to the sea... and I walloped quite a fair bit of the food lor. Di-di though, wasn't exactly a great fan of the hot sun as it approached noon and so he was getting a bit cranky liao. Hahaha, he just like Daddy lor... would rather freeze to death than to sweat. :P

And so after we finished all the food, which was quite fast, we packed up and left. But not before stoppping to have a shiok cold drink at the Macs there. HAHAHA... Daddy & Mummy promised to bring us on a picnic (with the tent I insisted) again; maybe in the evening next time so that we can stay for a longer time.

I can't wait! :)

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