May 18, 2008

Pizza Play

Yesterday at my weekly D'Story Club class at Pat's Schoolhouse, I tried my hand at pizza making for the first time!

But I got hungry while piling on the ingredients onto the bread... erm, so a few of the toppings somehow found their way into my mouth. Hee hee...

After I put the cheese to cover the toppings, it was ready for the oven toaster. And a few minutes later, it was done!

Kor-kor insisted to hold the pizza and pose for the camera lor... but at least I got to eat it! Hahahaha...

Lucky thing the weather was good too; 'cos it meant we could go to the playground!

Think I no need to say much lah... playground confirm bring happiness to both of us! kekeke...

Then later in the evening, kor-kor & I went for our first swimming trial lesson! Well, not exactly a swimming lesson lah... but more like a water confidence building class.

And it turned out so much waayyyy better than what Daddy & Mummy initially thought. Hahahaha... 'cos they were afraid how kor-kor would take to the swimming lesson. For me no problem lah! Pour water over my head I also can take it. Heh. So it turned out pretty well and kor-kor said he wanted to go back again after the lesson ended. Wah, seems like we'll be adding one more lesson time to our weekly schedule then. :P

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