May 8, 2008

Taiwan Day 8

We were supposed to visit the famed Taroko Gorge in Hualien on Day Eight and we had already booked another nice Mr. Cabby for a day's excursion. But Daddy & Mummy felt that di-di & me might be getting a bit too tired after so many days of playing and travelling around and we might not be able to take the long journey to the Gorge.

So, they decided to just stay in the resort and let us slowly explore the big farm resort since we still had a lot of other areas in the farm that we hadn't explored yet. Well, of course di-di & me don't mind lah! Ahbuthen right? :P

Here's us in front of our resort room, all ready to go for breakfast.

After filling our tummies, it was time to hit the farm in our cute buggy once again! And 'cos I wanted to wear my sunglasses, di-di also insisted to copy me lor...

It was a PERFECT day today; the sun was out in his full glory but yet, there was still some breeze lingering around. One word - Shiok!

First stop was to feed the animals - again! Hee hee... they all need their breakfast too right?

Oh my, the goats were really hungry you know... they chomped down the whole bunch of leaves so very fast.

Then came the ponies' turn.

Di-di spotted some other big animal that he had never seen before, and so off he trotted...

It was a camel!

And he was feeling famished too! Which was why I just kept feeding him, despite Daddy's repeated pleas to make me turn to face the camera. Hahahaha...

I was just interested in playing tug-of-war with Mr. Camel actually.

Then we drove the buggy to the other parts of the farm, like the butterfly farm, insect kingdom, birdpark, reptile farm and many others to see the many different animals...

Though the air was still cool, the sun was getting a bit scorching... so we decided to take a break first.

Wah, the sky looked so nice hor? Add that to the playground at the area we stopped, and it was doubly nice! Hee hee...

So expectedly, di-di & me had a wild time at the playground again. Mummy was very amazed that di-di was able to climb the rope ladder all by himself, 'cos when I was di-di's age last time, I still needed Daddy to hold on to me before I could make my way up. Maybe I more kiasee lah. :P

Then after a while, I decided to run around in the vast green open space there!

Of course di-di followed me too...

Good chance for Daddy to take loads of photos... we had 6GB (!!!) worth of photos and videos by the way!

The view was simply so nice there... machiam in Australia or New Zealand hor?

Then it was a race to the refreshments shed for some ice cold milkshakes & bubble tea! :P

The cold drinks were very satisfying indeed! That was why all of us were smiling so nicely after we had topped up our fluids.

Then it was time to resume our journey!

Di-di was obviously still not ready to let his ice blended drink go... The straw was pretty much stuck to his lips throughout the whole time after that.

Not even Daddy Kong & Ash Kong could scare him.

Then we stopped by the big cow ranch where we saw so many cows having their meals in the field...

I tried feeding them some grass, but they bohiu me though...

Di-di, on the other hand, was picking the stones on the floor and trying to feed them to the cows! Aiyoyo... the cows lagi wouldn't eat lor. Heh.

Then we had our late lunch and Daddy & Mummy decided to bring us back to our room for an afternoon nap first.

Nap done, woke up and we were ready to roll once again!

This time, back to the cow ranch to see the cow milking process...

Funnily, the constant sounds of moo-moo-ing there was kind of infectious...

Only di-di was immune to it I guess. Hee hee...

Next, we drove to the fruit garden to look at all the fruits that were growing there. Pity that the fruit plucking season had just ended. If not, we would be able to just walk around in the orchard freely and pluck whatever fruits we wanted to eat. But never mind lah, I'm not a big fan of fruits anyway. Haha.

We then dropped by the shop to buy some farm produce back. The cow milk soft candy was especially nice! Well, it helped that the packaging came in a cute little cow too lah. :P

And then, in the distance... we spotted a 'unicorn'!


Mummy finally got to enjoy her hotspring next AND di-di & me absolutely loved it too lor!

We took the private hotspring room and it was really cheap... only about S$10 for 45 minutes. There's also a public hotspring pool and that one is free of charge.

When the time was up, di-di unsurprisingly very nearly cried the whole farm resort down. Hahaha... but luckily, got dinner to appease him. Then it was back to our room for some rest and prepare to pack for our journey back to Taipei the next day!

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may said...

Hi. May I know which resort is this? Your boys looked they had enjoyed themselves so much!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi May,

It's at Shin Kong Chao Feng Farm Resort, Hualien.

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