May 9, 2008

Taiwan Days 9 & 10

Day Nine and it was time to pack up and say goodbye to the farm resort...

Think kor-kor & I weren't too sad lah, 'cos we already had lots of fun at the farm. Plus kor-kor still misses his
B&B stay with Ah Fu more...hahaha...

And so after another round of yummy breakfast, we hopped onto the shuttle bus which brought us to the Hualien Train Station for our train ride back to Taipei city. This time, both kor-kor & I took a bit longer to fall asleep in the train; but at least we still slept and gave some peace to Daddy & Mummy lah. :P

We stayed in a different hotel at Taipei City this around and it was even more convenient with lots of food and shopping just beneath our hotel!

The hotel was very new too; it had been only opened for 1 week when we stayed there and so, everything was new and nice! Hee hee...

After having our long overdue lunch, it was time to hit the shops! Today and tomorrow were designated as Mummy-centric days. Why ah? 'Cos it was time for Mummy to do her long-awaited shopping and add to our buldging luggage. Hahaha... And so, we headed down to Wufenpu - a big big big wholesale area where lots of cheap apparels & accessories were sold.

Heng they sold snacks there too... so Daddy, kor-kor & I at least had things to do, erm... eat, while Mummy launched into her buying frenzy.

I enjoyed their Taiwanese version of kueh balu (or sponge cakes) a lot! In fact, Daddy had to go buy TWO more packets after kor-kor & I completely wiped out the first one. Hee hee...

Oh, notice my plastered finger?

A minor accident happened when we were leaving our hotel room... there was a piece of glass lying on the floor outside in the corridor. And before Daddy or Mummy could stop me, I had already picked it up and made a small cut on my finger. I didn't cry though, not even when my finger was put under the running water to clean the wound. Garang hor? Hahaha...

And you know what my dear kor-kor did? He suddenly declared aloud that his finger was in pain too and wanted a plaster to be put around his poor finger too! Aiyoh, win already lor...

Anyway, we spent the rest of the evening shopping... with Mummy reaping the most loot. At least kor-kor & I had quite a lot of new clothes too! They were really very cheap there... a T-shirt or a pair of shorts cost only S$4.60 per piece! And the deisgns are 'inspired' by Japanese & Korean kids fashion somemore, so desgins are nice too. No wonder Daddy & Mummy spent such a long time there lah.

Then it was back to the hotel for dinner, hot bath and koon.


Day Ten and more shopping once again!

This time we went jalan-jalan at the major shopping centres and the major difference of their toy sections as compared to Singapore's is that they have lots of playarea sections with many toys opened to let the kids play. We definitely spent a lot of time playing at the toy sections, with Mummy free to roam about and Daddy to jagar us. :P

We made pitstops at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Dept Store, the big Sogo stores, and also the Miramar Shopping Complex which had the big Ferris Wheel!

We had wanted to go on it initially, but after almost more than half a day of shopping and playing with a last stop still to go... we decided against and made our way to the famed Shilin Night Market instead...

Time for Mummy to go crazy over the goods and Daddy to go crazy over the food! Heh.

Like the previous day at Wufenpu, there were also lots of stuff being sold there... but this time, there were definitely so much more street food there! I see already make me so dizzy that I took a short nap, which kor-kor did too. Hahaha... It meant Daddy & Mummy must have enjoyed themselves then!

We then tabao-ed dinner back to our hotel and spent the rest of the night watching Mickey Mouse on Daddy's laptop. While Daddy & Mummy were furiously trying to pack our luggage as we would be returning home the next day.

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Unknown said...

hi, may i know which hotel did you stay at? Would you recommend Ta Shun hotel or the new hotel? Am planning to go TAiwan in Nov with my two small kids and parents. Appreciate your recommendation. Tks!

Cheekiemonkies said...


Sorry for the late reply!!!

We stayed at 2 hotels while we were in Taipei at that time - Ta Shun & the new one.

Both are got their own merits. Ta Shun is very close to Ximending, and to the train station too. The other one is in central Taipei, just diagonally opposite the main train station & bus terminal so its location is good too.

But if u ask me, I still prefer Ta Shun 'cos it's not so crowded with ppl. :)

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

May I know for your 2nd leg in Taipei, which hotel (the one near Taipei Main station) did you stay? BH

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi BH,

We stayed at Say Love Hotel (

The last time we stayed there 3 years ago, it was newly-opened so the rooms are very nice. But since then, I've read that the hotel hasn't lived up to its standard as before. So you might want to look around for other hotels in Taipei.

But location-wise, the hotel is very good as it is near to transport options, food and shopping.

Hope it helps! :)

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