Jun 17, 2008


One of the many things that di-di & I love to do is to head down to the beach.

You can be sure that the both of us will definitely enjoy playing with the sand and seawater, even if we are slowly baking in the sun.

With all our beach toys in tow, it is almost therapeutic to keep digging holes in the sand and pouring buckets of water into them. And repeating the process all over again.

I think Daddy & Mummy are just content to sit down and enjoy their cold drinks lor...

And sometimes, while di-di is busy filling his bucket with salty water...

Daddy will whisk me away and bring me for a dip in the sea. Which usually kind of scares me at first...

But after I make sure that I am clinging really tightly to Daddy, I'm okay liao. Hee.

Di-di also has his turn to go for a dip, but he's usually happier on land. 'Cos he gets to be more mobile and play with more stuff. Stuff like, erm, Daddy's slippers?

And I always love to bring back a souvenuir or two whenever I go to the beach. Sometimes it's seashells, but this time it's, well, seaweed.

Hahaha... But it didn't stay in my bucket for long though. Wonder where it went?

Anyway, as with all outings out in the open and under the hot sun, hydration is very important you know...

Well, not as important as looking for my seaweed though. Hehe... There's always a next time I guess! :P

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