Jun 14, 2008


I've been attending a drama holiday workshop the past 5 days, and today marked the day where all of us children put up a finale show for all the parents to watch! So exciting!

It's a workshop conducted by Act 3 and we had intensive training for the past 5 days where we were split into various roles for the play.

I was originally cast as a pirate, but being a pirate means having to change my orignal classroom AND drama teacher. So if you know me, unfamiliarity is a big NO-NO in my books. Hahaha... In order to stay put in my classroom and stay close to my original teacher, I insisted on becoming a pixie. :P

Yep, that's me dressed in the pre-arranged colour-coded attire - yellow top & white bottoms. But Daddy said the pose looked more like an Ah Beng than a pixie.

But with a deft addition of a belt made of raffia, we were all ushered into the theatre and prepared to put up the best show ever for our parents.

I was in very high spirits and raring to perform on stage... as soon as I managed to see where Daddy & Mummy were sitting. Hee hee... must see if they got clap loudly or not mah.

The performance went out pretty smoothly and I was a bundle of energy on stage - singing, clapping and moving to the music...

Well... except for one instance when in the middle of a dance routine, I just walked up to the front of the stage and shouted, "Papa, I want to go pass urine!"

HAHAHAHAHAHA... so malu right? Hee hee... So of course Daddy had to put down his camera and bring me to toilet lor. :P

But I quickly rejoined the performance after that; which was just in time 'cos it was the finale item and we closed it with a big bang!

After that, all the adults gave us a thunderous applause and we received our certificates to mark the end of our week-long workshop.

I was checking if they spelt my name correctly or not. Heh.

There was a mini reception after the show and by then, it was quite obvious I was a bit hungry.

Okay, absolutely extremely very hungry lah.

Overall, I really enjoyed myself during this workshop. I cried for a while on the first day though, and Mummy had to attend the class with me for about an hour. But the subsequent days were pretty alright and the tears stopped flowing. So I guessed Daddy & Mummy must be pretty proud of me then. Hee hee...

*Think Daddy would also put up videos of my performance too, as soon as he uploads them. Which, err... is pretty soon. I hope.

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