Jun 2, 2008

My first medal!

Yesterday early early morning, I was waken up early 'cos I was due to participate in the first-ever Kids' Run held at the Padang!

Poor di-di also had to wake up early lor, even though he wasn't running. Hee hee... But he can always cheer for me! :P

The sky looked pretty bleak as we made our way down, but surprsingly Mr. Sun was his usual cheery self the moment we arrived. Whoopee, more perspiration. Heh. Daddy helped me put on my number tag while we made our way to the starting point.

Yah, I kept checking to see if my number was still pinned onto my tee or not. Hahaha... It's a non-competitive, fun race by the way, with 1 parent being allowed to join the kids in the 800m run. So since Daddy needed the exercise, he volunteered.

Once the horn blared, we were OFF!

I think I must ran too fast, 'cos by the time we reached the 300m mark, I was complaining that my legs were tired liao. Hahaha... And it was at that time that I truly found out why they allowed 1 parent to run alongside us. To carry us when we got tired lor!

YUP, so Daddy bopian... had to carry me for about 200m before I told Daddy to put me down again. You see, I not so bad lah.

And so for the final 300m stretch, Daddy asked me to jog slowly so that I wouldn't run out of steam so fast. Which I duly complied.

And before I knew it, I was about to burst across the Finish Line!

The photo above machiam like I came in first. Hahahaha... But in any case, all kids got a congratulatory medal for completing the race. And I was sure darn proud of it! :P

All sweaty and tired and thirsty after the run... but happy too 'cos I got my first medal. Hee.

Di-di also drank loads of water although he didn't run... maybe he too expended lots of energy when he was stomping on the muddy grass.

So there you have it - my beloved medal!

Okay, think I'll share it with Daddy... since he ran 200m for me. kekeke...

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Anonymous said...

well done Ashton! *& daddy as well* hehe


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