Jun 7, 2008

We wanna play this, this, and this, and that and that and that...

Daddy & Mummy brought us to this very large indoor playground located in a warehouse and of course this drove us nuts!

See all the toys behind me??? Besides having a large slide with a ballpit you can slide into, there are lots of playsets and toys that we can have fun with.

Still not enough you say?

How about another gigantic shelf of toys and more toys? There're also many different types of cars, bikes and trucks for di-di & me to ride in. It's absolute happiness I tell you. Hee hee...

The place is called The Toy Rental Club and it's located in Pasir Panjang. We get to play at the playground for as long as we like for $10 (for 1 child & 1 adult) and the adult still got kopi to drink too! Hahaha...

And if any of the toys there catches your fancy, you can rent the toy back to your home. So that you don't have to share with any other people lor. Heh. Just kidding, of course. I mean the sharing bit. :P

Di-di & I loved the garage set above a lot a lot a lot. We played with it for the longest time until I decided to take a dip in the ball pool.

Then di-di decided to bulldoze his way through the tunnel to get to the slide as well.

We definitely had loads of fun there... and this time, it was di-di who was crying when we had to leave. Heh.

But I think we'll be back again sometime soon! Call it a cheekiemonkie's intuition. :P

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