Jun 5, 2008

Time to kill

On Monday morning, kor-kor & I found ourselves running wild in the Botanical Gardens.

Well, for one... Daddy wasn't working and second, it was the school holidays for kor-kor AND third, I was free as well.... OH wait, I'm ALWAYS free anyway. HAHAHA...

So anyway, what better way to spend a sunny morning than to soak in the sights & sounds of Mother Nature... which loosely translates to feeding the fishes, tortoises & swans by the lake!

We brought along one whole loaf of bread for them you know... and on hindsight, heng we brought one loaf. 'Cos kor-kor was not only throwing the bread into the water, he was eating the bread at the same time!
And to think we just had breakfast lor... :P

At least the fishes & tortoises chomped away at all the bread we threw at them, and I had so much fun just throwing the bits of the bread down.

After we grew bored with the feeding, we just walked around the gardens... until we came to this very big big big tree which Daddy promptly plonked us onto its thick branch.

Kor-kor then stumbled upon some toadstools growing in the grass, but I wasn't really interested in them as I was wielding a tree branch and using it as a broom to sweep the soil on the ground. Yah, very busy I know.
We found a nice shady spot under a tree next and parked ourselves on the bench to replenish our fluids. Actually hor, I think it was more like Daddy wanted to rest lah. Hee...

As usual, once my water bottle is in my hands, anyone will find it extremely challenging to pry it away from my hands. kekeke...

Erm, that was until Daddy asked if we wanted to go feed some birds with our remaining bread.

Guess kor-kor's expression said it all.

Well, to say I was so absolutely extremely excited would be such an understatement.
YEP, still jumping around for joy...

Kor-kor was doing all the feeding though, while I was doing all the chasing.
Once the bread habis, we also closed shop and went back home for our lunch.
But I think kor-kor will definitely ask Daddy to bring us down once again. If not, I'll remind him. Heh.

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