Jul 8, 2008


Since kor-kor has got nothing wrong with him, we thought we had better celebrate by going to GoGo Bambini at Dempsey for some serious playground action. Hee hee...

No wonder kor-kor was so happy lah... it is a huge indoor playground with slides, ball pits, obstacles for toddlers to challenge; anything we want to climb, we can climb.

It had been quite a while since the last time we were there... and the last time I couldn't really scurry up and down 'cos I wasn't too mobile yet. So this time around, I was making up for lost time! :P

Across bridges, up the slopes, down the slides, into the ball pits... no sweat for me lah. In fact, I think I much more garang than kor-kor lor. 'Cos he everytime also needs Mummy or Daddy to be in sight before he goes to play. But me? I bochap lah! Mummy/Daddy or no Mummy/Daddy, I will just cheong forward and it is them who need to keep up with me. Hahaha... Good exercise for them don't you think?
Anyway, both of us really had loads of fun in the huge playground... and pictures are the best evidence of that. Heh.

In case the parents get too tired from all the chasing, there's also a cafe there too where they can sit down, rest and have a cuppa. And still keep an eye on their kids. Which is what Mummy & Daddy did. Hahaha... they weak lah.

Then kor-kor & I adjourned to a smaller playarea meant for toddlers and I immediately took fancy to this nice rocking horse.

I rocked and rocked and rocked... til kor-kor jio-ed me to go take a dip in the ball pit.

I saw kor-kor's head disppear under the colourful balls and I also wanted to copy that...

After resting for while and replenishing our fluids, we insisted on going back to the main playground. And so, it was fun playtime Round 2!

We monkeyed around for another one hour or so and then, our tummies began to protest. Despite that, I didn't want to leave lor... putting up a slight struggle before I put on my shoes. :P

As for kor-kor, he said he was too tired to move and so, he imitated the sleeping monkey by closing his eyes.

Good try, Daddy said. But still it didn't work. Hahaha...Well, at least the lunch was good too! Heh.

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