Jul 10, 2008

Short recharge

All of us, together with Kong-kong & Por-por, headed to to nearby Tanjung Puteri Resort at Johor Bahru for a short 1 night getaway.

Confirm I happy lah.

It's only a short drive from Singapore and soon, after a short nap for both di-di & me, we reached! And the first standard thing that we did was to inspect the room of course. Hee hee...

Di-di was naturally thrilled with the large beds and room... while I scooted off to Kong-kong's & Por-por's room to kaypoh a bit. Hahaha...

No wonder di-di was so happy; so shiok to have the bed all to himself.

We took a walk around the resort and eagled-eyed me spotted a playground!

WEEEE!!! So fun... and next up was the monkey bars, which Kong-kong lent me his 2 strong arms.

Di-di also wanted to try too... but I think he thought that he must use his legs to hold onto the bars too. Hee hee...

Di-di then tried to tackle the rope bridge next... and he was so apprehensive initially that he crawled across the bridge. :P

But my di-di turned out to be quite garang in the end... he was running across it in no time.

Me? I rather relax in my swing lah...

I even sketched my self-potrait on the sand. Heh.

Nice or not? Yah, a bit on the skinny side... which is exactly like me, considering my weight is at the 25th percentile.

Then obviously, di-di also wanted to do the same.

But I couldn't make out what he was drawing... just a lot of holes in the sand.

Soon, it was time for dinner and we drove out to feed our tummies at this mini-kampung restaurant.

See lah? I so hungry, Daddy still want to make me smile for the camera. So I oblige lor...

The food was quite yummy - di-di & I had fried rice and seafood soup. Sedap! But the confirmed favourites for the both of us had got to be the cold icy drinks. Hee hee...

That was the soursop icy drink that I had... sour yet sweet, I like!

Di-di wanted to try too... so Kong-kong let him have a sip...

Did di-di like it as much as I did?

HAHAHAHA... HENG AH! Nobody to fight with me over my drink. :P

So di-di shifted his focus to Kong-kong's carrot milk drink instead.

Think he drank up 1/4 of it at one go lor.

Then came dessert and this one, both of us took to it like bees to honey. Without a doubt.

After a yummy dinner, it's always nice to go back to the room just to nuah... and to watch our 'Charlie & Lola' cartoons on the DVD player that was provided in the room. :)

And what do you know? Mummy got hungry again! And so, who do you call when in this time of need? Room service!

Hahaha... so unhealthy lor, but yet so delicious. :P

And sleep we did after that. Lagi super unhealthy. But hey, we ARE on holiday right? Heh. Okie, getting all yawny & sleepy liao. Will continue with our short escapade in the next entry!

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