Jul 12, 2008

Short Recharge (con't)

The next morning at Tanjung Puteri Resort, di-di & I were so so so looking forward to going to the swimming pool that we wore our swimming attire to makan our breakfast. Hee hee...

Yuppo, swimming confirm makes our day! :)

The pool's pretty okay; with a kiddy pool and 2 water slides. Which Daddy & Mummy slid down it together with di-di & me.

But it was pretty fast; so after the first time, I'd rather just play inside the pool. :P

Think di-di also found some other more interesting stuff to play too. Like getting himself tangled in the net.

And when wasn't doing that, he was busy splashing water about. Especially onto my face lor! Di-di is really getting so cheekie you know... even during bathtime, he always splash water onto my face and then he laughs so heartily after that. Grrr...

Luckily, Kong-kong brought him away for a little swim in the pool... hee hee...

Then, it was my turn next. And naughty Kong-kong also like di-di lor... he put my head under the mini waterfall! I give up.

We certainly did enjoy ourselves in the pool, and also during this short drive up.

After washing up, we proceeded to check out and di-di refused to leave the room! When Daddy was at the lobby to settle the check out, he just kept crying and wanting to go back to the room. Hahaha... looks like me when I was small last time too. :P

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