Jul 15, 2008

A whole day of wedding

Last Saturday, we attended Uncle Huiyao's & Aunty Pris' big day! But this time, no need for me to be the pageboy; I can just sit down enjoy the proceedings. Heh.

It was a tiring day for di-di & me 'cos there was a church ceremony in the morning, followed by the banquet at night. Heng got time in between to go home to koon first. Hee.

My buddy, Timothy, was also there! 'Cos his mummy knows the bride while Daddy knows the groom. Small world eh?

Yah, I was already in a little grumpy mood by the time lunch time arrived. See my face can tell already... :P

Di-di leh?

Fell asleep without eating his lunch! Hahaha... too tired liao.

Went back to recharge and made our way down to the hotel in the evening.

As you can see, I'm forever the poser.

Dinner went on quite well; with the both of us lasting til about 11pm. That's quite a record already. Plus, throughout the dinner, I was walking around, talking and mingling with Daddy's friends. Yah, machiam I was the host. Hahaha...

Luckily the next day was Sunday so we ALL woke up quite late. :P

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