Jul 18, 2008

Playground shots

Some shots that Daddy took of kor-kor & me when we were at the playground.

Well, one can never go wrong with bringing us to the playground! Hee hee...

I think if there isn't anyone to tell me that it is time to go home, I can spend the whole day at the playground ah. Hahaha... I've definitely got a longer attention span than kor-kor. :P

So it wasn't any surprise that I sobbed when Daddy said it was time to leave. Kor-kor, on the other hand, just trotted happily behind Daddy. But on seeing that I was so sad, he made Daddy promise that he'll bring us back to the playground again. Yep, my kor-kor is very sweet to me. Sometimes. :P

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm Cavan's mummy. Got your message on my blog! Cavan also mentions Ashton pretty often! Heard that Ashton was not in school last week or something? Is he alright?

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