Jul 20, 2008

Farm Hopping

This morning, kor-kor & I were in for a treat, 'cos it's FARM day today! Yippee! Daddy told us that we were going to visit a few farms today and kor-kor immediately asked whether we were going back to the same farm that we went to in Taiwan??? Daddy & Mummy laughed upon hearing that. But I also don't get the joke leh. Hmmm...

Anyway, first stop was this fruit farm that specializes in one special red fruit.

Yah, I sure look chirpy & happy.

So can guess what the fruit is or not? Maybe this flower will help.

It's the Dragonfruit!

There were plenty of other plants & vegetables that were being grown there too. And best of all, you get to buy the produce there too. Mummy sure bought a lot of dragonfruits back, 'cos it helps in poo-poo-ing lah.


Erm, back to our farm walk... anyway, kor-kor was more interested in the many tiny caterpillars that were crawling on the ground though.

There was also this tiny bridge over a koi pond that captured our attention for quite a while.

As usual, kor-kor wanted some fish food to feed the kois. But after Daddy threatened to storm up the very tiny bridge, jump on it to make it collapse and cause us all to fall into the pond, kor-kor kept quiet liao.

Kidding lah.

Kor-kor soon complained about the hot weather though, and he got the proof...

Yah I know, THAT drop of perspiration on his forehead not very obvious lah but still... it was still hot lor. I would have complained too if I could speak in complete sentences. :P

But hot or not hot, we still had time to take photos with a big excavator, on kor-kor's request. Hee hee...

Then we were off to somewhere where there was shelter - a place that I've been before but that was when I was still unable to walk and had to be slinged around. So of course I had to make up for lost time.

It was Hay Dairies, with loads of goats for me to feed! See giam kor-kor feeding the goats one stalk of grass at a time again.

I kept wanting the goats to lick my hands though, 'cos it sure felt ticklish. Hahaha... And I keep going back for more.

And I always laugh hysterically after that.

I even wanted to give one of the goats a bye bye kiss when we were about to leave...

But I was pulled away before I can do so. Darn.

Then after washing our hands clean, we sat down for a rest and to replenish our fluids by drinking some cold goats' milk. But I didn't like it, kambing taste too strong as Mummy put it. So kor-kor & Daddy had more to drink, which they don't mind a single bit.

Next and final stop was this frog farm!

No lah, we didn't go all the way to Jurong. Maybe they had moved... just like how Katong laksa is no longer just found in Katong liao. You get the idea...

You can actually buy the live frogs back and cook them to eat. Erm, but I think kor-kor & me shall just stick to feeding them for now. :P

There were also lots of fishes there, so both of us just happily let them taste the frog feed too. I hope they don't get a tummyache. Heh.

Soon, it was approaching noon and time to leave for Kong-kong's & Por-por's house for lunch.

And this time, I didn't express any unhappiness in not wanting to leave. :)

Maybe that's 'cos I had lots of fun today? Well, as long as I can come again! Think kor-kor would agree too. Hee hee...

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