Jul 23, 2008


Nowadays, di-di & me simply adore singing. Sometimes in the bathtub, both of us will just break out in song and perform a duet. Usually it's either Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or The Wheels on the Bus song 'cos di-di knows the lyrics of those songs better.

So seeing we love to sing, dance and perform, Daddy & Mummy got a standing toy microphone for us! Hee hee...

That's me, showing off my vocals by singing the Little Einsteins theme song, while di-di acts as my sound manager. :P

We DO take turns having the microphone... We got share share lah. It's difficult but at least I think there's improvement liao.

But di-di treats it more like a PA system than anything lor. Hahaha... Most of the time, he just utters "HARLOW? HAAAARLOW???" into the mike.

Well, as long as I still get to sing my songs can already. :P

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