Jul 3, 2008

False Alarm?


Yep, that's the dreaded four-letter acronym that, well... is dreaded. So do I have it?

Somebody in my class was the first one to be diagonosed. So to be safe, Daddy & Mummy decided not to let me go school for some time. Then on Tuesday afternoon, I had a mild fever. So that's it lor we thought... I was brought to the doctor yesterday morning but there were no sores on my hands, feet or body leh. Fever also subsided when I was at the doc's. Went in for consultation and the doc found ONE red spot at the back of my mouth. So I also don't know if it's really HFMD or not???

But throughout yesterday, I didn't complain of any pain in the mouth. Ate & drank normally. Hands, feet and body as spotless as can be. Then this morning... still nothing. Weird huh?

Meanwhile, poor di-di has been packed off to stay with Ma-ma & Ye-ye as a preventive measure since Tuesday. I'm already missing him lots as I have been forever asking Daddy & Mummy, "When is di-di coming home?" Even the time spent in my bathtub is considerably shorter 'cos there's no di-di to play with me. :(

And this evening, Daddy just found out that there has been another case of HFMD in my class. Wah, lagi more I no need to go back to school the next few days liao.

So for now, I am still as bubbly and active as I can be. And hopefully, there'll still be nothing tomorrow... then di-di can come home! Yippee! :)

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Happy FamiLEE said...


Keeping my finger crossed for you boy.


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