Aug 13, 2008

Bird Day with Birds

BirdDay of course must spend with the birds lah... :P

So on di-di's birthday last Sunday morning, we went down to the Bird Park once again since it's both di-di's & my fave haunt. Not to mention that it's free entry for all of us 'cos Mummy has the corporate membership card. Hee hee...

I was, of course, looking forward to head down to the Lory Loft once again to feed my little lories! Di-di said, "Oh-Kay!" when I told him where we were going first. Heh...

And this time, we rented the little red wagon. Wah, so shiok... both of us just sat inside while Daddy pulled us along. Great workout for him lah... :P

So with Daddy doing all the physical work, I have to do something too right? So I took it upon myself to find the Lory Loft on the map and guide us there...

Erm, there were a few teething problems in the beginning though... erm, like how the map was facing the wrong direction? Hahaha... so malu.

Okay okay, but I soon got my coordinates right and off we went!

Lory Loft - and I couldn't wait to feed those colourful birds!

Di-di still doesn't dare to feed the lories though; he just stood beside me and flapped his arms up & down to imitate the birds flying about. Hahaha...

He go bored after a while and set his sights on the long swaying bridge instead.

While I just continued my feeding...

Then one naughty lory decided to stake out on the TOP of my head lor... aiyoh, heng he never poop. But Daddy found it very funny though. Hmph.

I then decided to join Mummy & di-di down at the bridge too.

We then decided to take a break at the cafe beside the loft, 'cos Mummy wanted to have a cuppa. Daddy totally agreed 'cos erm... it was air-conditioned. Haha!

And I wanted to have a cheesecake in the end too! :P

One of my fave cakes lah...

Di-di isn't such a cheesecake fan though (which is great news for me!), so he just took a rest in the wagon while sipping his water.

We walked around the bird park somemore and made our way to the Pelican Lake, where we came across this giant tank full of giant fishes.

And since there was a mini amphitheatre, the both of us took the chance to dance and jiggle around, much to the amusement of some tourists there. Hee hee...

Soon, it was time to go home liao... 'cos we needed to rest well for di-di's party later in the evening mah. But how could we go off without saying hello to the dear penguins right?

See ya birdies soon! :)

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