Aug 16, 2008

T3 Hangout

Yesterday night, Daddy & Mummy had a dinner date with some of their ex-hostel mates, which meant di-di & me got to play with Brandon again!

Guessed where we makan-ed yet? Hee hee... Yep, it was at the airport, T3 to be precise. And as usual, when it came to phototaking, I will always be the eager beaver. Notice how I even prop up one of my legs for a super duper pose? :P

That's Brandon's baby sister, Kaylene. Too bad she can't join in all the fun we had yet... hopefully she'll learn how to walk soon!

Di-di was one ultra bundle of energy siah... he kept running, climbing, running, climbing... even when I declared I was sleepy liao. No wonder he eats so much. Hee hee...

It was waaayyy past our bedtime by the time we reached home. But hey, once in a long while should be okay lah... hor? But we sure had loads of fun! :)

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