Aug 19, 2008

By the Beach

Usually we go to the beach in the mornings, when the sun isn't too scorching yet. But this time, di-di & I went to East Coast Park on a evening instead just to soak in the evening breeze.

For some funny reason, I particularly liked the wooden owl statue above. So I insisted Daddy take a photo of us together, with me acting all chummy with him. Hahaha...

It was a nice shiok evening to just stroll along the walkway and take in the sea breeze... But being cheekiemonkies, you know it will always be hard for di-di & me to JUST walk.

We were prancing around, especially on those gigantic yellow footprints on the walkway. Wonder who left them there huh?

And then di-di decided to take off for a jog on his own... while I was too lazy to do so. So I just continued my strolling... :P

After walking for a while, the beach was obviously calling out to me... so I requested to find a place to sit down on the beach. Cleber eh? Hee hee...

Di-di also followed suit, and soon we were both nuah-ing very nicely on the stone beanch.

And since we were at it, we decided to ham it up for the camera!

Hahaha... di-di looked so mischievous and cute at the same time in the photo.

Then the moment di-di (okayyy, and I) had been waiting for... trotting on the sand, down to near the sea!

Di-di was sure enjoying himself, while I was like a little ant, scurrying around busily to collect seashells. :)

Di-di even picked up a babe... angmoh one somemore ah. Hahaha... But I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. :P

Soon, the sun was setting and it was time for our makan.

We went to this nice eatery at Playground @Big Splash, called Vista. It had very nice comfy sofas, a great view of the sea together with natural 'air-con' and also a live band performance.

No wonder di-di so fast go chope his sofa liao... while I was moaning about how come my food still haven't arrived yet.

Yah lor, I am forever so impatient. Even my teacher, Ms. Gracie, from my school said so. :P

Oh, and not forgetting that the place also serves nice beer and has a happy hour during dinner time. No wonder Daddy so happy lah! And no wonder Daddy's friends also flocked to meet us there lah!

Hahaha... actually it was an impromptu meet-up. But we sure did enjoy ourselves! Mummy said she wants to go back there again... Daddy said sure, but she must do the driving... 'cos he wants to drink more beer next time! kekeke...

Til next time! :)

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