Aug 21, 2008

Fun with kor-kor

Look at how much fun 2 packets of party toys can bring us...

Hee hee hee... yah lah, I know my mask is upside down. I insisted that Daddy put it on for me this way, can? :P

I really LOVE playing with kor-kor now you know... everytime I see him playing with something, I confirm will go and see what he's playing. And almost certainly, I will also join in. And be a copycat.

Sometimes kor-kor can get a bit irritated, 'cos I know myself lah... I just always barge in and try to kope his toys. There are even times when he has to go to the toilet, he'll either scoop up whatever he's playing and put it on top of a cupboard or he'll ask Daddy or Mummy to jaga so that I will not touch his toys. :P

But that's in the minority lah. Most of the times, he shares his toys with me and we play together really well.

That's why I feel so happy to play with him mah...

And sometimes, he does the silliest things, just to make me laugh. So that is why I was laughing so heartily in the photos below. Heh.

Hahaha... Mummy says I look so happy in the photos. :)

So sometimes, I also return the favour by sharing toys with kor-kor too. Like the clappers that were in my hand.

Erm, once I figure out which colour I like and would like to keep. kekekeke...

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