Aug 30, 2008

Gifts to my Teachers

And so, there I was... burning the midnight oil through Thursday night, in a bid to finish up my presents for my school teachers!

But I chop chop finish liao... I placed the cookies into 2 jars, and stuck animal stickers all around the jars. Doesn't look very pro, but at least can believe that it was done by me mah. :P

And just for the extra final touch, I will also be giving them a stalk of rose each.

Hee hee... the photo frame that I was pasting animals on was actually just a surprise gift for Ma-ma lah. 'Cos I had actually finished touching up on my presents already, but I was still eager for more. So Mummy just let me continue lor... :P

As usual, di-di had a field day, or night, doing what he does best - kaypohing. And acting all very happy about it too.

After I was done, di-di and me then decided to play a game - to see who can piak more animal stickers on his own face!

HAHAHAHAHA... no need to say lah, confirm I win lah! kekekeke...

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