Aug 29, 2008

Teachers' Day Prep!

Next Monday is Teachers' Day and since it will also be the start of a one week long school break, we are going to celebrate my first-ever Teachers' Day in school today.

Mummy said I must give both of teachers a present each, to thank them for their work, patience and love. So we put our heads together and decided to bake them some cookies!

So over the last weekend, I was at Por-por's & Kong-kong's house to bake my special oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Think di-di see got food only, automatically become so happy liao... hee hee...

With Mummy's & Por-por's help, I mixed all the ingredients into the big bowl and gave the dough a good spin. Of course, di-di had to chip in too.

When it was evenly mixed, we then started to pinch some of it and knead it into a ball shape, very much like Playdoh hor. Hahaha... Then, very gently using my palms... TADAH! One cookie made by me was done!

It looked so yummy that I just had to lick my fingers... hee hee... erm, just don't tell my teachers okay? :P

After all the kneading and pressing, plates of cookies were ready to go into the oven. Yippee!

Spot the tiny baby cookie in the picture above? That's the special baby cookie that I told Por-por that I wanted to eat once it's done. Heh. And the taste test? Of course sedap lah! I gave some to Ma-ma too and she too liked it very much! :)

Now all I have to do is to package the cookies nicely and I'll be able to present them to my teachers today. Stay tuned for the final product!

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