Aug 27, 2008

Riding the Waves

A few days back, we were all pumped up to conquer the waves!

Daddy was definitely very gung-ho about it. Hahahaha...

Actually, it was the Henderson Waves bridge lah, which is part of the Southern Ridges. We didn't manage to see any of the bridges the last time we were at the Hort Park, so this time di-di & me were all ready to trek up to the very tall bridge.

It was a slight walk up the slope along the way, but there were tiny animals scurrying around to keep our eyeballs occupied.

That's us looking at some birds having their breakfast... oh, and a squirrel scooting up a tree too. Not to mention the many ants that were going about their work on the soil... for some reason, I love to watch the ants crawling along the ground in an orderly manner. Hee hee...

And since it was a cloudly and cool morning, it made the trek much more enjoyable with minimal perspiration...

On hearing that we were nearing our checkpoint, we quickened our footsteps.

And we reached the waves soon enough!

I insisted that I had to be the first one to be on the bridge... and so, ran & ran I did to the mouth of the bridge and stationed myself there.

The design of the bridge looked very nice! Even the view from it was beautiful as well, full of greenery and small hills.

I then proclaimed to be a superhero, who needed to protect the bridge from any monsters. Yes yes, I'm in THAT hero phase now... hee.

But di-di had to come disrupt my sentry duty lor... oh wait, maybe he's the monster! Hahaha...

Anyway, you can tell that we had lots of fun running on the bridge lah... think di-di had even more fun, 'cos he was so busy running, climbing this and humming songs at the same time too.

And best thing of all, the curved walls of the bridge structure became our slide! WHEEEEeeeee...

And he even climbed onto a bench to give his first-ever concert. Heh.

Daddy & Mummy just spent time nuah-ing there, while the both of us continued to have our own fun.

With Daddy joining us occasionally to wheeee down the slope. :P

And what do you know... it was time to go home soon already... although I still insisted on walking somemore.

But Daddy & Mummy promised us that we will definitely be back again soon... maybe next time we'll walk all the way to Mount Faber!

Well, as long as di-di & I can go sliding down the slope again... that's all that matters. :)

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