Oct 30, 2008

Bin-ah-leh & a Playdate

Long Weekend Day #3 - Kor-kor & I went to the Singapore Biennale 2008 at City Hall to get all arty and farty.

There's the Kids Biennale there, so no worries about us kids not able to appreciate the cheem art installations there. So while on the way up, look what peculiar creatures are lurking on the red carpet...

Those were worm-like creatures, which kor-kor said they reminded him of Creepy & Crawlie.

But kor-kor didn't pay much attention to them, 'cos he was just bent on entering the building to see the art as he put it. That kancheong fella...

I, on the other hand, was quite drawn towards these worms and happily patted, sayang-ed and even sat on them. Hee hee...

The place opens at 11am, and of course kor-kor rushed in. Hahaha... Okay okay, me too lah.

There were many pieces of art drawn by primary and secondary school students, and all were pretty impressive.

Kor-kor spent quite some time looking at the avatars above, which were made by Primary 1 school kids. While I was somehow drawn to this blue fish.

And when we got tired of looking, we got to put our limbs to good use in the playroom with toys that are provided by Ikea.

No prizes for guessing which toy did I hog for the longest time? Aiyah, the trains lor! :P

There were also lots of paper, crayons, colouring pencils, markers, etc... for us little Picassos to display our erm, abstract art.

Finally, we came to the windmill room where there were loads of windmills that were made by kids.

This room was very shiok lor... 'cos the whole room was carpeted to resemble a field of green grass, and together with the cool aircon, it was really nice just sitting down. No wonder Daddy didn't want to leave lah... hahaha...

And so to cap off our visit, both of us made a windmill each under Daddy's and Mummy's supervision of course.

Lunch was next, and followed by a nap at home. And when we awoke, it was a playdate cum dinner at Uncle Zhihao's & Aunty Sharon's house together with other Daddy's friends. Which thrilled my kor-kor to bits, 'cos he loves to play with Benji kor-kor.

Yah, I was in high spirits too... 'cos we were all watching Dora cartoon. Hahaha.... even the 2 oldest boys looked so serious. Hee.

Well, it was definitely a fun day once again... and a fun weekend too! If only every weekend was a long one. :)

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Anonymous said...


Do you need to pay for entry into the Biennale? Looks very interesting! :)

Thank you!

KC :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi KC,

Yes for adults... $10 per pax. As for children above 3 yrs old, it's $5. Below that, it's free.

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