Oct 31, 2008

School Concert Prep

Tomorrow's my school graduation ceremony and concert. To think I have already been in school for close to a year now. Daddy & Mummy definitely cannot believe it.

Only in January, I was one crying boy when Daddy left the classroom. But fast forward to present, I'm always looking forward to see my friends in school every morning.

That's how fast children grow up, Daddy says.

Anyway back to my school concert... here's pre-rehearsal snapshot of me with my hair all gel-upped and face all made-up. For once, I can use Mummy's make-up! Hahahaha...

I'll be performing songs together with my classmates tomorrow, and we have been practising really hard you know.

I'll definitely put up my best show tomorrow, 'cos besides Daddy, Mummy & di-di, Ye-ye, Ma-ma, Kong-kong & Por-por will all be there to show their support too! Hee hee...

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