Nov 2, 2008

Octopus on the Stage

Yesterday, I had my first-ever school concert performance and boy, was I all excited and geared up for it!

You know, I was so excited about performing on stage that I woke up at 7am on a Saturday morning way before everyone else. And what did I do when I awoke? I began prancing on the bed, and started practising my dance moves for the performance! HAHAHAHA... yep, excitedness breeds anxiety in my case. :P

So having been woken up by my singing & dancing, Daddy & Mummy also had an early rise. Hee hee... Good mah, got more time to gel my hair and put make-up for me.

Di-di must be wondering what was the fuss all about. But he did sit so very still when I came out on stage.

The moment I was waiting for was finally here!

That was me, with an octopus on my head. I managed to pick out Daddy, Mummy, Ma-ma, Ye-ye, Kong-kong & Por-por from the sea of camera-totting parents during my performance.

And how did I do? Well, glowing reviews were all around. Hahaha... expected right? :P Anyway, I had great fun on stage and when every class had performed, we assembled on the stage together for a finale song.

And Daddy & Mummy were actually more impressed by the finale song that I sung... 'cos it was in Mandarin! I didn't practise singing this song at home and so they were pretty surprised to see that I could remember and mouth the words of the mandarin song. At least I'm not 100% eat potato one, they said.

Next year, there will be double the reason to watch the concert. 'Cos not only will I return to the stage as a N2 kid, di-di will also make his debut! I can't wait... :)

Hopefully, Daddy will be able to post up the video of my performance really soon!

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