Oct 13, 2008

Soaring through the skies

Under the bright hot sun on Saturday morning, Daddy & Mummy brought di-di & me to this big big big open field.

Why leh?

'Cos we had to let our model airplane spread its wings and fly in the open skies.

Yup, ever since Daddy had unwittingly shown me the remote-controlled airplane, I had long been nagging Daddy to bring me to the park so that I can fly it. Me guess he must have been painfully regretting it for showing the plane to me. Hahaha...

So it was a welcome relief for him (& Mummy) that Saturday finally arrived and I got to test out the plane!

Actually di-di too lah... so I'm not the only one who's naggy hor! Only difference is that he points to the plane and cries. :P

So anyway, back to the plane.

I was trying my darnedest to get it to soar through the sky, but cannot leh. Luckily Daddy stepped in and showed me how.

The plane was flying pretty alright... til I insisted on taking over the controls. It glided a while and then, it just came crashing down. Hee hee... I need more practice me think.

Di-di was dying to have a go too... so being the nice kor-kor that I am, I happily ran to retrieve the airplane for him.

And the independent streak in him also made him want to try flying the airplane on his own. :P

Which yielded the same result for him too lah. That was until Mummy stepped in of course.

Guess I don't have to say how much di-di enjoyed it huh. :)

Don't be fooled by the photo hor... Di-di looked every bit like a professional right? But the airplane already crashed liao lah. But he still looking up into the sky to look for his plane. HAHAHAHA...

And since we have to take turns, my turn was next. Yippee!

I also looked very professional, don't I? Machiam no sweat man!

Erm, actually got sweat lah. 'Cos I always have to go running far away to pick up the plane after it crashes. Heh.

We took a short break after that, to sit in the shade and replenish our fluids...

...and to take photos too. :P

Di-di soon clamoured for his turn though.

While I took the chance to go disturb some mimosa. Hee hee...

And to be a photographer too... with Daddy & Mummy as my models.

Not bad right? I also took many many photos of th sky, tress and grass... but Daddy said not enough space to showcase my works here. Hmph!

Anyway, di-di was happily (trying) to fly the plane through the sky all this while... until he realised the time spent picking up the plane far exceeded the time the plane spent in the sky. Hee hee...

So as usual, I'm a good kor-kor mah... so I volunteered to be the plane while di-di used the remote control to control my flying movements.

Hahaha... think di-di wasn't too appreciative though. 'Cos he went to retrieve the plane instead.

And it just so happened that some other people were also flying their model airplanes there. And silly di-di thought that he could control those planes as well... so he just stood there hogging the remote control and turning the knobs as if he was really flying the planes.

Soon, dark clouds started forming above us and after all the hot sun we had been under, it signalled that it was time to leave.

Di-di grudgingly handed over the control, while I was looking forward to our next destination of the morning.

YUP! Our day wasn't over yet. :P

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I have this same aeroplane, but it is always been blown away by the wind. Very worried it would fly to the road or onto a tree. Where is this big open area. Seems a nice place to fly the aeroplane.

Cheekiemonkies said...


It's among a landed estate near the Holland area, benhind MGS. I think it's along Brizay Park.

Say 'hi' if you see us there, okie? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, i think i know where it is...sure....would say "hi"...thanks....

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