Oct 10, 2008

Gardens & playground (again!)

I had long been clamouring Daddy to bring us back to the Atlantis indoor playground ever since we had paid a visit there a few weeks back. And so, Daddy finally buckled and agreed! Hee hee...

Since it didn't open til 10am, Daddy first brought di-di & I to the Botanical Gardens for a nice morning walk.

And also to look at the many fishes lah.

Too bad we forgot to bring any bread for the fishes and tortoises though... so we just had to make do with teasing the fishes. :P

Erm, and also not forgetting making my trademark funny faces to the camera.

Think di-di was rather amused, no?

Finally! The main event that I have been longing for!

Yup, it was back to the indoor playground that di-di & I love so much... and you should have seen us go crazy inside there! Hahaha...

Our mostest favourite has got to be the tunnel slide lor... what else right?

Di-di soon got hungry after that... 'cos he went outside of the playarea, sat himself down on a chair and declared, 'Mam Mam...Mam Mam!'.

And so, that was how we got to eat some tidbits!

Well, you can tell how much I was enjoying the tidbits...

... and how much di-di was stuffing into his mouth! Heh.

Confirm we have to go back again...soon! :P

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Kai Ching said...


Just wanna ask for your feedback of the Atlantis City @ Delta, do you think it will be fun for a 4 years old and 2 years old. Is it very different from Go Go Bambini? Thank you in advance for your feedback.

KC :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi KC,

It's definitely much much smaller than GGB. Ball pit is about the same size, but only 1 tunnel slide which you have to climb up.

But there aren't any 2nd or 3rd levels of play structures & obstacles like GGB.

I think a 4 yr old will definitely enjoy GGB more... but for a 2 yr old like Ayden, 'cos he's still young so it might get a bit too rowdy inside GGB since it's usually more crowded with older kids.

So the good thing abt Atlantis is that since it's small, it's easy for parents to just sit outside and keep an eye on their kids. But if your kids are independetn enough, then GGB will be a better bet.


Kai Ching said...


Thank you so much for the feedback. I am looking for a place to bring two 4 years old and two 2 years old to this weekend as some sort of birthday celebrations. I wanted GGB but was told there are 2birthday parties at same slot!!! Are there any other such Indoor Playground you can recommend? :) :)

Hee! Wanted to tell you that I've bumped into you guys many times before, at United Square and even recently at Tick Tack Tock! :p :p Your boys are so so good looking! :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi KC,

Hee hee...thanks! Next time just come up to say Hi! :)

As for indoor playgrounds, how abt Xplorer Kids at Downtown East? Or there's another GGB at Kallang Leisure Mall, but we haven't been there b4 though.

Or the Toy Rental Club? It's a big warehouse place filled with many toys, but it's not exactly a playgym like GGB. URL is http://www.toyrentalclub.com/

Hope it helps! :)

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