Oct 8, 2008


Over the weekend, kor-kor & I also met up with Daddy's & Mummy's friend, Aunty Jilian, at East Coast together with Brandon & his mei mei Kaylene.
Think kor-kor was thrilled to be able to meet up with yet another friend after our pooldate with Timothy & Bethany. I was happy enough just to be able to play with the sand. Hee hee...
Think kor-kor was teaching Brandon to poke twigs into the sand, and imagine them to be birthday candles and blow them out.

If you ask me, I THINK kor-kor is way too obsessed with planning his birthday party come January liao...hahaha... He had even told Daddy & Mummy what cake, party hats, ballons and plates he wants for his party! :P

I later too joined in the fun of poking twigs into the sand as well. Aiyah, monkie see monkie do mah.

Too bad mei-mei Kaylene couldn't join us in our sand play yet. Maybe in the next few months when she learns how to walk... :)
It was soon time to go for our makan... but not before kor-kor & I dipped our toes into the sea! And as usual, I cried when Daddy carried me away from the beach. It was too short lah... I must go back soon! :P

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