Oct 5, 2008


Yesterday morning, Mummy invited my friend, Timothy's family over to our place for a get-together swimmie session.

Yay! I love to play with Timothy you know... so the whole early morning I was asking non-stop what time will he be reaching, how come he not yet reach leh, his house very far away? :P

Well, at least I didn't wait in vain... and soon we were down for a splashing good time! Timothy's pretty mei-mei , Bethany, also joined us in the pool, but she's not very stable yet so couldn't join us in our wild water antics yet. Hee hee...

I was up to my usual silly and nonsensical poses for the cam when Daddy asked me to smile for the camera.

Di-di, on the other hand, was pretty cooperative I must say... haha...

Looked like Timothy & Bethany thouroughly enjoyed themselves... same for di-di & me! Especially since we were busy spraying water at each other.

We even brought along our gigantic lobster so that we can escape all the water spraying by both the daddies. They very naughty lah...

But Daddy did take Timothy & me on a spin on the lobster, though he did go a tad too fast... you should have seen the looks on our faces. Hahaha...

Soon, grey clouds started to hover and Bethany & di-di were starting to feel cold... so we wrapped ourselves up and headed back home to have our makan.

It was fun swimming with friends! Hopefully the next one will come really soon! Hee.

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