Oct 3, 2008

tick tack tock

On Children's Day, we kicked off the day with a birthday party! It was my friend Dylan's mei-mei, Princess Rae-Ann 1st Birthday! Di-di & I had great fun playing with all of Dylan's toys... hee hee... but no photos 'cos Daddy had got his hands full with plates of yummy mee siam. Hahaha...

Too bad we couldn't stay for the cake cutting though, 'cos we had to rush off to the Esplanade to catch a children's play... presented by the zany & wacky Tick, Tack & Tock gang!

We weren't allowed to take photos or videos in the studio, so Daddy was risking his life by sneaking a shot of di-di. :P

The short play was about this leaf who always dreamed of breaking away from his tree, and in the process we were given an exposure to the process of photosynthesis. Wah, cheem hor... haha, all I know is that plants need water, sunlight and air to make food lah. I'll leave the details to later when I grow older. Hee.

There were lots of sing-along and dancing sessions too, so that one confirm di-di & me lagi like lah! Daddy & Mummy, more please! :P

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