Nov 21, 2008

Band Jam

This past week had marked the start of my school holidays, and I sure ain't wasting no time in putting my free hours to good use.

Yep, Daddy & Mummy signed me up for a 4-day music band workshop at The Eighth Note Music School, which has newly opened at the previous Bt Batok Fire Station. Well, part of the reason was 'cos I have been clamouring to attend music classes and so, Daddy & Mummy decided to test water first to see if I was really interested.

The workshop introduced me to various percussion as well as melody making instruments and also, learn how to play together with other kids as a music band. On the final day, we put up a band performance for all our parents too!

We played 2 songs in total for our performance, and I must say it went pretty well! Hahaha... We were given a DVD of our performance as a keepsake too.

As you can see, I was the youngest in the class; the other kids being either 5 or 6 year olds. But they really took care of me in class, like holding my hand when I needed to use the toilet or making sure that I had my snack during our break time. How sweet hor...

I even got a certificate after the performance! Hee hee...

Overall, I really enjoyed the music workshop. The teacher said I'm more inclined towards percussion instruments and I can't agree more lor... 'cos I'm always creating noise at home by banging onto stuff. Hahahaha... :P

I was pretty sad that my music class had came to an end so soon though... I already told Mummy that I still wanted to continue my music class. Hee hee...

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