Nov 23, 2008

Happy Grandparents' Day!

Today is Grandparents' Day and the day we acknowledge all the love, care and concern that all our grandpas & grandmas had showered upon us.

So to Ye-ye & Ma-ma, di-di & I want to thank you for taking care of us for 5 days of the week, every week. Thank you Ma-ma, for always making sure that we eat, sleep and learn well. Thank you Ye-ye, for bringing us out to gai-gai and buying goodies back for us.

And also to Kong-kong & Por-por, we want to thank you too for bringing so much fun to our lives. Thank you Kong-kong, for always bringing us out to different places and playing silly games with us. Thank you Por-por, for cooking our favourite dishes every Sunday and also baking yummy cakes & cookies for us.

We love you all! And Daddy & Mummy appreciate everything that all you supergrandpas & supergrandmas have done all these years! :)

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