Nov 24, 2008

Too HOT a day for the beach

On Saturday morning, Mummy wanted to check out the car boot sale at the Playground @ Big Splash. Well, of course kor-kor & me don't mind lah... 'cos can play at the beach wor.

It was a perfect day to be at the beach. TOO perfect if you ask Daddy that is. 'Cos its hot hot hot!

Well, obviously I wasn't too bothered by it huh... hee hee... I guess kor-kor too didn't care much about the heat.

We were too engrossed in building our sandcastle lah, and kor-kor was given the important task of sprinting up and down the beach to collect seawater in a bucket.

It all went pretty well until when it approached midday. Erm, guess Daddy was right after all... it was really getting far too hot! And so, I moved my yellow bucket into the shade instead. Hee hee...

Kor-kor also sought refuge in the shade... and you can already tell he was fast becoming a piece of cooked prawn.

Daddy & Mummy said we would have to pack up soon 'cos we were going to have our lunch already. But me think it's more because Mummy was afraid that there wasn't enough time for her to go browsing at the car boot sale! :P

And so, the fearless me decided to to go out into the sunshine and enjoy the sea & beach again.

Which is okay I guess, 'cos everyone has been saying I look like a hainanese chicken - so white!

Mummy did eventually manage to shop around the car boot sale, and got herself 2 dresses in quickfire timing. Hahaha... think the heat must have been getting to her as well.

Mummy said if we go back next time, must go back when it's very hot again. Why ah? 'Cos one of the seller was telling her that when the weather's hot, they all just want to quickly sell off their stuff... and so that means cheaper lor! Hahahaha....

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