Nov 25, 2008

That red monster & friends

We caught our first Christmas Show over the weekend, and it was the Sesame Street one at Marina Square.

Elmo was the crowd's favourite of course, and me guess di-di's favourite monster too. Cookie Monster joined in the fun too!

My favourite Sesame Street character? Nope, not Ernie...

It's Bert actually! Hahaha... Daddy thinks it's a well, interesting choice. Daddy's thinks it's most probably 'cos his eyebrows are joined together. Hahaha, very funny lor! It's because Bert laughs very funnily and I like that. :P

The show was pretty alright, with lots of singing and dancing. We even got to go up on stage to take a photo with the gang!

Pity di-di turned away at the critical moment; maybe he was looking into Ernie's big mouth. Hee hee...

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