Nov 5, 2008


Ever since Kong-kong promised kor-kor that he'll bring us to the beach as a reward for dancing so well in his school performance, kor-kor has been going on and on and on about going to the seaside.

Well, he got his wish on Sunday late afternoon.

So thanks to kor-kor, I also got to enjoy the seaside too. Hee hee...
The skies threatened to derail kor-kor's big dream before that though, as it poured really heavily while we were having our afternoon nap. Heng the rain stopped when we awoke lor... if not, kor-kor would be nagging non-stop. :P

Pity we forgot to bring our sand toys along... so kor-kor & I just had to make do with the twigs lying in the sand.

But of course it wasn't as fun as playing in the open sea...
...or throwing stones into the sea...

...or making silly poses along the beach (restricted only to kor-kor by the way)...

...or picking seashells...

...or splishing and splashing the water everywhere...

...or just simply enjoying a sea salt spa treatment. Just like kor-kor.

Looks shiok eh? Hahaha.

Yep, he was clearly enjoying the moment.

Unlike kor-kor, I didn't really fancy getting my top half wet. Already my diaper was sucking in all the water liao, make me so bottom heavy only. Heh.
Oh, and we spotted a rainbow too!

Evening soon came and yup, it was time to wash up and head back for our dinner.
We had a great time at the beach, especially kor-kor. Weather was just perfect, and the waves were not too strong.
Til next time!

Which is soon, we hope. Hee.

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