Nov 11, 2008

Reloaded: Zoo's newest baby

Last Saturday morning, di-di & I went down to the newest addition of the Singapore Zoo - the Rainforest Kidzworld.

Our sole aim was to try out the new playthings at Kidzworld of course... that was why after taking the photo above with Mr. Biggy Seal, we zipped down to that area immediately.

It was a very colourful place! So much more vibrant and spacious than the previous one; definitely very themepark-rish, if there's such a word.

There was a carousel (have to pay), kampung hut, pony and horse carriage rides (of course must pay), many animals like rabbits, goats and even a much bigger & improved KFC (this one confirm must pay to eat)! Hee hee...

But more on all those later lah... 'cos di-di & I had more important things to do.

That's right - a brand new and humongous water play area! Confirm no need to pay and make di-di & I go super gila only... hahaha...

There's this big water playground structure with loads of slides and nettings which one can climb up and down. Also, not forgetting the giant bucket at the top of the structure, which tips over whenever it's full... sending a sudden burst of waterfall down to the people beneath it.

And, erm... Mummy was one of them lor. Hee hee... Moral of story for daddies & mummies? Bring an extra set of clothing lor.

The first thing we tried out was the slide... and it was really fun (I forgot how many times I went on it liao)! The water slide has a pool of water beneath it and when you come sliding down... SPLASH!

Di-di's turn was next.

And he disappeared into the water as he came down! Hahahaha! That was funny!

But di-di very good lah... he immediately went to climb up the steps and went whee-ing down again.

We then climbed around a bit...

... toppled pails filled with water by tugging a few ropes here and there...

... went bursting through jet-streams of water sprays...

... as well as picking up dried leaves from the water.

Erm, I was kidding about the last part. :P

Anyway, di-di even had time to pose for photographs when a camera staff from the zoo wanted to take a photo of him. Hee.

Well, I had no time to pose for photos 'cos I was busy shooting water at Daddy! Take that!

While silly di-di willingly stood under the shower of water when I sprayed water in his direction.

It was time to move on to another part of the water area where we got to play with, surprise surprise, MORE water!

There were quite a number of knobs and wheels for us to turn so as to control the amount of water coming out of those snake-like pipes that you see above.

And not forgetting the various fountains that di-di loved playing in too.

Both of us definitely enjoyed ourselves lots lots lots in the waterplay area but I think my fave has got to be the water slides.

Fun times always seem to pass so fast... and yup, it was soon time to wash up and change.

But for that, we had to venture deep into the clutches of an octopus...

Hee hee... looks cute right? The tentacles of the octopus are actually showerheads for us to wash up. But di-di must have thought it was a water dispenser instead!

After changing into our dry clothes, the fun wasn't over yet!

The new Kidzworld area also offers many other different play areas where kids like us can still continue to play when we STILL don't feel like having our lunch. Like the obstacle course.

And the river raft ride, which Mummy & me pulled on the rope to reach the other side of the bank.

Daddy & di-di joined us later too... but Mummy quipped that it was much tougher to pull across wor. Hahahaha...

The standard playground structure is a must of course.

And together with this boing boing springy platform...

... we had great fun jumping up and down... AND across the leafy pads, just like a little green frog. *ribbit!*


They even have a flying fox structure which I tried out, and also a dinosaur park to roam about. But dino or no dino, filling up tummies became a top priority after so much fun.

The new KFC is so much bigger and more spacious... they even have cute zebra chairs, which I insisted sitting on by the way.

1 tub of mashed potatoes and 1 fried chicken each later, we set out to explore once more!

This time, we headed out to the animal enclosures. Where we saw horses, goats, ponies and cute little bunnies too!

But the bunny was quite dao when I tried feeding him leh... hmph.

There's also a kampung house, which displays how kampung life was in the past. Mummy was pretty fascinated by it.

We decided to head back home after that. And since all of us were feeling lazy after lunch, we decided to test out the new water ferry which plys from somewhere near Kidzworld to another point which is nearer to the zoo entrance. How thoughtful! :P

No need to walk of course happy lah!

It was a nice, peaceful and breezy ride throughout, with the occasional spotting of birds flying past.

I told Mummy that I enjoyed the ferry ride a lot, and stated my wish to return to the zoo so as to sit the boat again.

Ahhh... but my main aim is obviously to go to the Rainforest Kidzworld again! And again. And again. Muahahahaha...

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