Nov 9, 2008

Dimsum, shopping, boats and more food!

Today, we had a dimsum buffet lunch for Ma-ma's birthday, since it was her birthday this coming Wednesday.

I was very excited about it. Not really about Ma-ma's birthday, but MY birthday. 'Cos Mummy told me my birthday comes after Ma-ma's in November and Ye-ye's & Kong-kong's birthdays in December. So getting closer mah... hee hee...

As usual, di-di & me were fighting to offer our help in blowing out the candles. But as usual once again, I won by blowing out more candles by virtue of having a bigger set of lungs. Hahaha.

After lunch, we headed down to nearby Vivocity to work out the dimsum. And I got really excited once again when I saw Christmas trees lining the walkways of the shopping mall.

It must be that time of the season again, where more and more presents come looking for me! :P

We walked the mall until di-di & me fell asleep. Then I don't know what Daddy & Mummy did, but my guess is that they sat down at some coffee joint to enjoy a moment of peace lor. Heh.

When we awoke, we found ourselves staring at this gigantic X'mas tree on the open area of Vivocity.

No need to say, I revelled in the open space... but di-di was still a bit sedated so he didn't join me in running around the area.

We didn't realise it, but we actually spent quite a long while there and soon, it was time to makan again! kekeke... So Daddy brought us to the Marina at Keppel Bay for dinner.

It was a nice place; lots of running spaces (again!) and also lots of boats for di-di & me to gawk at.

Yep, more running and monkeying around...

But soon, this little monkie ran out of steam liao...

... while the other one still got batteries.

But rumbling tummies soon took over and it was time to scout for food...

Erm... yes, I couldn't wait! Haha!

Dinner habis and we headed back home. What an utterly tiring but fun day... and no, Daddy didn't forget about our zoo kidzworld photos. He got to go sayang his buldging tummy first. :P

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