Dec 10, 2008

4th Day in Bali

Today's the day where we change hotels, and since Daddy was the designated luggage packer, he figured why not wake up earlier to catch the sunrise too.

Well, considering that Mr. Sun rises REALLY early in Bali (I think about 5.45am ah!)... all I can say is that Mummy, di-di & I were still fast asleep under our snuggly blanket. Hee hee...

After having a quick breakfast, we walked around Ubud town centre for a while... mainly to let Mummy do her shopping 'cos she loves the dresses there. :P

And then it was goodbye to our room in Ubud...

And hello to our new stay in Sanur! And it even sounds like my name - Aston Legend Villas is the hotel's name. Hee hee... sure made me feel important! :P

And this, my blog readers, was the only one reason why I didn't want to come back home to Singapore. I even said I wanted to stay in Bali forever! Heh.

We had our own private pool in our villa room! Woohoo!

Once di-di & I saw the pool, we kept on insisting to have a dip in it. Ahbuden right? Natural reaction mah... But wet-blankets Daddy & Mummy said we had to take our nap first. Drats.

Well, at least we could tour around our villa first... it also has an outdoor living room area beside the pool, complete with sofa and a hi-fi system.

We could even do our cooking at the kitchen area if I miss my soup noodles. Hahaha...

We just had to take a look into our bathroom as well, 'cos that's the second place after the pool that di-di & I would be spending the longest time in. Hee hee... And it didn't disappoint! Besides the usual bathtub, there was also a big showerhead in the outdoor bath area. Shiok!

After our nap, we spent the rest of the day dipping into our pool... again... and again... and again.

And once we were satisfied, we followed that up with a warm bath under the shower. Think di-di was most pleased with that.

Then we were off for dinner and also to the nearby big supermarket, to get some groceries for cooking some of our meals. Oh, and also to buy floats for di-di & me too. I can't wait for tomorrow!

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Sim said...

Your photos are gorgeous! I have been trying to photograph my 2 nephews with my Canon EF (because no money to get dslr haha) and find it really difficult to capture good portraits of them + film is pretty permenant so cannot any take.

What camera do you use? And any tips for children photography?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Sim,

Thanks for dropping by!

I use a prosumer digicam - Canon Powershot S5 IS.

Erm, tips ah? I'm not really qualified to give tips... I just happened to enjoy photography, and especially photographing children. :)

Usually, I try to stay in one corner so that they wouldn't notice me and I'll just snap when they are playing.

Daddy Ash&Ayd

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