Dec 11, 2008

5th Day in Bali

Day 5 morning... and it was pretty evident that I can't wait for another dip in our pool.
I was all ready to jump into the pool, PJs and all. Hahaha... think kor-kor would not hesitate too if Daddy gave the green light.

But we had other plans first... which was to head down to the Sanur beach for some sea, sand and sun!

And that was mighty fine with me too! :)

One of the reasons why families with small kids love to go to Sanur is that the beach is much quieter and the sea much calmer than say, the beach in Kuta.
It is less touristy, less hawking from the locals and definitely more laidback than Kuta. Guess kor-kor was all set and ready to jump into the sea then.
The waves at the beach were almost non-existent as the Sanur beachside is sheltered by a coral reef further out at sea. So no worries for both of us then!
Mummy went off to have her 'mandatory' massage, while Daddy assisted us in constructing a sandcastle.
Well, I didn't really help much lah, 'cos most of the time I was more interested in scooping the sand and throwing back into the sea. Mindless entertainment I know. Hee.
Kor-kor decided to morph into Godzilla after the sandcastle was done, so that he could go on a rampage and flatten Daddy's masterpiece. Me think he wanted to join me in throwing sand int othe sea. Hahaha...
We basically just splashed water around, sat in the cool seawater while baking under the sun and erm, you get the idea.
Mummy was done after about an hour and she too joined us in the sea...
... and this could only mean more funny face shots! Heh.

We fooled around in the water a bit more, and then it was time to head back as the sun was getting pretty merciless.

And once we were back and had our bath, kor-kor & I were so tired out that we just laid in bed watching cartoons while Daddy & Mummy cooked lunch.
Lunch was ready and both of us walloped the food like nobody's business. Maybe we missed home-cooked food huh? Hee hee...
Not surprisingly, we fell asleep immediately after lunch... and when we awoke, it was more swimming!
That's kor-kor with his new Tom & Jerry floats. He loves them to bits, partly 'cos he loves watching Tom & Jerry cartoons and the other part is because with the floats, he's able to float and swim the length of the pool on his own.
I, on the other hand, was still a tad grumpy after waking up from my nap... so I didn't really fancy the idea of getting myself wet again. So I just sat on the steps of the pool and watched kor-kor have his fun.

After a while, kor-kor decided that he wanted to put his head into the water and swim for a short distance to Daddy.

That's kor-kor underwater, with eyes wide open and kicking in the water. Looks a bit funny hor? Hahaha...

Tomorrow I shall make up for it by swimming my worth in the pool! :P

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